A Glimmer of Hope – Amos 9 – Sermon Notes

Throughout this chapter the Lord is mentioned a number of times (v1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 15). Amos wants us to know that this is the Lord God speaking. Lord in capitals – Yahweh. The Lord has specially chosen the people of Israel (Exodus 3:14). For us living today, we know more about the Lord. We know the Lord is one. We know that Jesus is the Lord. God the Son, God the Father and God the Holy Spirit are one. As we see this vision, we should see Jesus.

Jesus is the Lord who comes with inescapable judgement (v1-4)

There’s a gruesome judgement (v1). There’s no escape for the people of Israel. Even disappearing from the land isn’t enough to escape. Jesus has promised that one day he will return with an escapable judgement over the whole world.

Jesus is the Lord who made and controls the whole earth (v5-6)

It’s a glorious and terrifying description of the Lord. He has absolute power over the world he has made. This is a glimpse behind the veil of the true power of the sovereign God. It should give us a strange comfort. If we’re Christians he is for us. We can’t run away and hide. All we can do is run to him.

Jesus is the Lord over every nation (v7-8a)

The Israelites thought that because they knew God’s name, they were untouchable. Jesus reminds them he is Lord over every single nation.

Jesus is the Lord who comes with grace (v8b-10)

The people of Israel deserve God’s judgement. They are hypocrites of the highest order. There is no escape from Jesus’ judgement yet he does offer grace. Jesus won’t let you fall to the ground. Jesus’ faithfulness can’t be stopped by your failures. We can turn back to Jesus. We are safe in his arms. Run to him because he brings grace.

Jesus is the Lord who brings blessing to all nations (v11-12)

God’s kingdom is wherever Jesus is King.

Jesus is the Lord who will transform the whole world (v13-15)

This is a picture of a land where the harvest is so massive they can’t gather everything. Wine flows down the mountains. This isn’t just a new Israel. This is a new world free from sin. Now, what the people plant, they reap; what the people plan, they achieve. The things that we plan don’t always turn out the way we want them to. The days are coming when all that will change.

This is our hope. Jesus will remake the world. All our sadness and frustrations will be gone. We can’t escape Jesus’ judgement but he offers a gracious rescue. So run to him.

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