Authority Given – Acts 9:31-43 – Sermon Notes

All of us can be welcomed into God’s family because of his rescue. In Acts 8 the apostles are there to give testimony. Acts is all about Jesus who completely transforms lives.

Jesus grows his church (v31-32) and Jesus uses Peter to heal and to save (v33-35)

Miracles aren’t everyday occurrences. This is similar to what Jesus has done (paralysed man). Luke wants us to see the similarities. Jesus speaks with his own authority by forgiving sins. Peter’s authority comes from Jesus. Miracles are signs pointing to the truth of Christianity. This is a glimpse of Jesus’ power. He’s going to make the world as it should be.

Jesus uses Peter to raise and save (v36-42)

Tabitha was always doing good and helping the poor. Those things aren’t optional. A Christian should always be doing those things. It’s not too late to change and begin to live a life honouring Jesus. Jesus has his own authority. He’s the one through whom the universe was made. Jesus gave authority to his apostles. The NT is a record of all that they said and did. He is bringing about his great plan. We rarely get to see things from God’s perspective. We can when we look back.

We can be confident that Jesus is always working his good plans behind the scenes. He does wonderful things through normal Christians living normal lives trying to honour him. Christianity is about putting Jesus first and others second.

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