Beginning with Fear – Proverbs 1:1-19

God doesn’t want to be your sat-nav. The relationship is more like a child with their father. The invitation that Jesus gives us is to walk hand in hand with the God who loves us. We get to know the God who made us. Growing in wisdom will be growing in knowing how the world works as you know the one who is in charge. For most things in normal life there is no right or wrong answer.

Prudence is pretty (v1-6)

Solomon thinks prudence is a good thing. It’s the way we bring good stuff into the world that God has made. A prudent person thinks about the person they are becoming. They play the long game, not the short game. We think we just choose. That’s not the way we’re made. Every choice shapes the way we’re becoming.

Fear isn’t foolish (v7)

Christians aren’t scared of God but stand back and have him in his proper place. You don’t need to be scared of him punishing you but you need to be in awe of him. The only first right step is to hold him in his right regard. Fearing God, thinking you want to be on the right of side of him is the only way to be wise.

Selfishness is stupid (v8-19)

Proverbs is a simplified view of the world. We get a picture of parents (the wise). There are the wicked. Listen to those who make good decisions. The wicked are motivated by wealth and selfishness. You don’t want the life you end up with if all your decisions are about getting things for yourself. That life is death. Hear the call of those who’ve walked before you. How would their concern for the long game play out? What’s motivating you? What type of person would you become?

Paths pull you (v15-16)

The more you begin to see the world God’s way the more you want to live that way. Once you join in with rejecting God’s wisdom it’s a slippery slope to disaster. Hear wisdom’s voice now. The world is full of Christians who took a break and then look back at a life stolen by a few bad decisions. The choices will form the person you become.

Jesus became the wisest ever person to offer to live in our lives so that we love wisdom. Imagine what a church full of wise people could do in a world run by the wicked. Imagine if we were all putting to death decisions based on getting stuff.

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