Celebrate what God is Doing – Acts 14:8-28 – Sermon Notes

This isn’t normal (getting up and walking having never been able to). The crowds were ready to believe that a miracle had happened. What matters to you more than anything? We are all prone to false worship.

Stop worshipping worthless things (v14-18)

Is Jesus what matters most to you? How much more should we worship God who has revealed his love in sending Jesus? The crowd didn’t want to stop.

Don’t be surprised if you suffer (v19-22)

Paul was stoned because the people refused to believe the good news of Jesus. Paul shows that following Jesus is costly. We should have a desire to share the gospel with others but there will always be people who reject him and persecute Christians, making them suffer. Paul and Barnabas didn’t stay out of sight. We’re not facing threats but we need to be prepared for rejections.

Celebrate what God is doing (v23-28)

Acts points us to God’s work. The purpose of Paul’s work is God’s work. The work of God establishing churches isn’t just for Israel, but for the whole world. God’s concern is for the advance of the gospel (Acts 1:8). Are we celebrating what God is doing? His good news is for all people. Do we give God thanks for what he is doing among us? Is what matters to you what matters to God?

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