God vs Everyone Else – 1 Kings 18:16-46 – Sermon Notes

Kings and prophets aren’t perfect yet they’re used by God to fulfil his purposes. Elijah rebukes Ahab as the people had been led astray. No one was following God. Elijah rebuilds the broken altar. He prays straightforwardly. He acknowledges that he is God’s messenger. The people acknowledge God. Elijah is following the law of Moses. Following other gods is high treason. We don’t see the behaviour of false prophets as a big deal.

Do we follow God?

Elijah’s confrontation was with the Israelites. The unbelievers come to see the reality of God through his activity amongst his people. Elijah prays to God and he answers. The 850 prophets were wrong. Like the Israelites we can follow God and other idols. Theology needs to lead to discipleship.

God wants a relationship and makes this possible

God demonstrates that he listens. The language used reveals a lot about his character. Who does the work of restoration? What do the people do? Nothing. They’ve not been worshipping God at the altar. God does a miracle with the fire. It’s a demonstration of his power. Elijah faces difficulty and is caught up in a world that’s rejecting God. Neither kings nor prophets were able to rescue God’s people. Jesus is a perfect rescuer. We can respond by following God.

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