“I AM” – Exodus 2:23-4:31 – Sermon Notes

The Lord has not forgotten his people (2:23-25) and the Lord calls Moses (3:1-10). He made sure Moses has all the experience he needs to speak to the Egyptians. However Moses has been living for 40 years in Midian. The Lord had guided him to the mountain of God. Moses has an encounter with the living God when he sees the burning bush.

The Lord patiently answers Moses’ questions (3:11-4:12)

  • “Who am I to go?” (3:11-12)
  • “Who are you?” (3:13-22)

Whenever the Lord is written in capital letters, it refers to this name – “I AM” – the one who always has been always will be. “Milk and honey” comes up a lot and refers to plenty. The Lord is the God of the whole earth and of the past, present and future and is the one who is sending Moses.

  • “They won’t believe me.” (4:1-9)

The Lord gives Moses three signs to show he’s not making this up and to help the Israelites believe he has been sent from the great I AM.

  • “I’m not a good speaker.” (4:10-12)

The Lord will help Moses speak. He is patient.

The Lord expects obedience and worship (4:13-31)

Moses asks the Lord to send someone else. He’s now disobeying and the Lord is angry, but he’s still patient and says he’ll help both him and Aaron. Aaron will be Moses’ messenger. Moses now has to go and the Lord reminds him to take his staff. We are reminded how seriously the Lord takes obedience. The Lord’s anger is stopped when Zipporah circumcises one of their sons.

Jesus is the Lord

Jesus was often criticised. He said “I tell you the truth, before Abraham was born, I am!” Jesus is the great I AM, the only eternal God. He has not forgotten us. If you’re a Christian you are one of God’s people. Jesus calls all people to follow him and he calls all Christians to be witnesses for him, wherever they are. Are we praying that we’d see the opportunities he gives us? Just as with Moses, sometimes our questions aren’t really questions, they’re excuses. There are consequences for disobeying Jesus. If we turn to him, he is a loving father.

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