Jonah’s Prayer – Jonah 2 – Bible Study Notes

Read Jonah 1 and recap last week. We saw Jonah running away from God and saw how God cares for and loves everyone. He ended up in a fish as a result of rejecting God.

Read Jonah 2.

1. How does Jonah describe the situation he’s in? Who’s responsible?

His description is quite horrific. He says he was in the depth of the grave and facing certain death. He’s alone and helpless.

2. Why is it a bad idea to run away from God?

Jonah is showing that it’s very foolish and that God will hold you over the pit. It’s a taste of how it will be to be shut off from God forever.

3. What do you make of the content of Jonah’s prayer?

He doesn’t show remorse. He still doesn’t love God that much. He prayed because he was so distressed.

4. What do we learn about panic prayers?

It’s not wrong to pray them and God responds to them. We don’t earn our way back by the quality of our apologies. We can pray from anywhere at any time.

5. What can the fish teach us about God?

God is always prepared to deal with sin through the most miraculous solution.

6. How does God respond to Jonah?

He wants to save and isn’t distant or judgmental to anyone who wants to know him. He’s committed to answering this prayer, which is fitting for Jonah’s problem.

7. What’s the warning that we need to take?

Jesus is the real God, so stop running.


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