Lions – Daniel 6 – Bible Study Notes

This study features notes from Enduring Word.

1. Why was Daniel distinguished in v1-3?

He was one of three leaders directly under Darius and he shined above the other two leaders because he had an excellent spirit. A good attitude to work and life.

Verses 4-9:

2. Why could they find no fault? Does this imply Daniel was sinless?

Faithful. A man of integrity.

3. What’s the lie (v7)?

All the governors have consulted together. Daniel was one of the governors and wasn’t consulted.

4. What’s significant about the decree?

When a king signed a decree, it was binding that even the king himself couldn’t change it.

Verses 10-15:

5. How does Daniel respond? What do you notice about how he prays?

  • He didn’t let the decree change his actions. He continued his excellent prayer life.
  • Upper room – private prayer
  • Window open toward Jerusalem – remembering the place of sacrifice
  • Knelt down on his knees
  • Prayed three times a day
  • Gave thanks
  • Both communion and pleading for his will to be accomplished

6. Did Daniel intend to disrespect the king (v13)?

No – only a higher respect for God.

7. What is admirable about King Darius (v14)?

Instead of blaming others, he knew he was at fault.

Verses 16-18:

8. What faith does the king show?

It was born out of Daniel’s trust in the Lord.

9. How did Daniel’s night compare with Darius’?

He was better rested. He prayed as it was his habit.

Verses 19-23:

10. Daniel says he hasn’t done any wrong before the king. How does this fit?

He did break the king’s law, but didn’t go against the king or the king’s best interests.

11. Why was Daniel protected?

His faith preserved him.

12. What do you make of the fate of those who plotted against Daniel (v24)?

The king wasn’t happy – no one had to ask him to do this.

13. What does the outcome prove?

It was angelic protection – there was no natural reason why the lions didn’t eat Daniel.

Verses 25-28:

14. How do these verses fit with the pattern that we’ve seen in Daniel so far?

God makes the ungodly see and tell of the greatness of God.

15. What’s Darius’ spiritual condition?

He says ‘God of Daniel’, not ‘God of Darius’.

16. How are we pointed to Jesus?

Angelic protection. Dependence on prayer.

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