Live Well – Genesis 48:1-49:28 – Sermon Notes

The Christian hope is of life after death. We live now for that future. Jesus came to pay the price for sin so that we can live forever. We can choose whether we follow him or not. What we see modelled by Jacob is how to die well.

Live now for God’s future kingdom

It’s easy to get distracted by the things around us. Jacob wants to make sure his sons don’t live for the now but for the future. He doesn’t give Joseph a list of tasks to achieve. He wants to remind him of God’s promises. He wants their lives to be shaped by that reality. Do we really believe it’s better to live for Jesus and lose everything?

Joseph notices that Jacob got the blessings the wrong way round, but Jacob knows he didn’t. He knows God blesses the weak. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Blessing is a gift and not a right. Jacob gathers the rest of the sons together and they all receive a blessing. It’s an encouragement because we know that God’s kingdom in Canaan was built.

The king of God’s kingdom comes from Judah. As God’s people there are still consequences for our actions now (1 Cor. 3). We shouldn’t get distracted by the comfort of Egypt. We are called to live for Canaan, to live for God’s future kingdom.

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