Living Wisely – Proverbs 3:1-12 – Sermon Notes

Proverbs is unfamiliar territory. It suggests our pursuit of the good life in this world is good.

We all want the good life

God creates and it is good. Some pictures echo Genesis 1. What is the good life? How do we live it? Wisdom literature forces us to deal with how we spend the rest of the day. Even if we seek the holiness of the law, we can still make a mess of our lives. We take very little time to think of everyday activities. Proverbs shows there’s many ways to be foolish, as well as wise. The good life is built into creation almost like a song. It’s our job to play along with it.

We all lead wise lives

Wisdom is composed of knowledge and action. It’s putting knowledge to work. Two kinds of wisdom – man’s and God’s. Both claim to be wise. One says seek, the other rest. One says despise, the other learn. Do you find yourself using your own wisdom or godly wisdom? Proverbs shows us we can think we’re wise but actually be foolish.

The good life is a godly life

Trust, learn from, honour the Lord. Fearing the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. We live in his good world as his created beings. It’s not enough to simply know about God. Wisdom requires you to put this understanding to work. The good life doesn’t come without cost. Some of our wisdom must die. Do you move through life just reacting? Do you act like your decisions are accountable to God? Where are you ignoring your need for wisdom?

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