Love the Truth – 1 John 4 – Bible Study Notes

This study features notes from Enduring Word.


1. What makes a true prophet? Is acknowledging that Jesus has come in the flesh the only test?

True prophecy and true teaching will present a true Jesus. Someone can confess that he has come in the flesh yet deny he is God.

2. Why do we not need to fear false prophets or the spirit of the antichrist?

God is greater than Satan and all of his allies. We have the indwelling spirit of God.

3. What’s the contrast between those in the world and those who are of God?

Those who are of the world are evident because they speak as of the world. The world hears them and they face none of the rejection that a Christian will face from the world, as they are friends with the world.

4. What do we need to be aware of when speaking or preaching the gospel to the world?

We must ensure they’re not hearing us because we speak as of the world. We must make sure we don’t say what they want to hear.

5. In John’s day, the issue was about if Jesus had truly come in a real body of flesh and blood. What are the issues today?

Accepting Jesus is God. Some groups deny that.


6. Why is it so important to love each other?

If love is of God, those who claim to know God must be able to love each other in the body of Christ.

7. The phrase “God is love” is used a lot. What does it actually mean?

Love describes the character and heart of God. He is so rich in love and compassion that it can be used to describe his very being. We are not saying everything about God. It’s an essential aspect of his character. It doesn’t eliminate his holiness, righteousness or justice. Everything God does expresses his love.

8. What’s the evidence of God living in us?

If we really walk in God’s love for us, it will be evident in our love for each other.


9. What’s the assurance that John gives?

We don’t have to merely hope we are saved. We can know and we can know now, this side of eternity. We can have boldness on the day of judgment.

10. What should our response be to God and his love?

We are called to take the love and grace God gives, to know it by experience and to believe it.

11. What’s the ultimate reason to love?

We love him because he first loved us. He loved us before the world was created.

12. How can we learn to love God more and how can we learn to love people more?

We can learn how to love God by loving people. Being born of God and abiding in him gives us the ability to love, but it is a choice of our will to draw upon that resource and give it out to others.

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