Loving Wisdom – Proverbs 8 – Sermon Notes

The invitation to the good life doesn’t always seem desirable or very wise.

Why does wisdom matter? It is the foundation of social order (v12-18). In leading with authority, there is a great temptation to lead with pride, arrogance and perverse speech. Wisdom is built into the creation order (v22-31). Wisdom is described as being at the beginning of all of creation and being built into the very fabric of how the world was created to be. Slow down and understand that what you’re doing is valuable. Wisdom bears fruit and a rich inheritance (v19-21).

Wisdom is concerned with the long term growth and an inheritance. The rewards of wisdom may not seem immediately apparent but it’s worth it. As a Christian, you have your entire life to make wise decisions. Wisdom is relational.

Who is wisdom? Godly wisdom is hard to desire. We often don’t think it’s worth it but that’s because we’re going about it the wrong way. Listen to the one who made you and is walking through your life with you. Jesus came down to show us what the truly wise life is – perfectly relating to humanity, perfectly relating to creation and perfectly relating to his heavenly father. The lengths he went to to save us proves that this good life is worth it. Ask yourself what is Jesus teaching me in this situation or what is Jesus calling me to.

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