Plugged In – Proverbs 3:1-35 – Sermon Notes

Plug into reality (v19-20)

The Bible teaches us there is a personality behind creation. The world is made so that generally speaking hard work pays off. The character of God established the value of work and thoughtfulness in the world. The only way we have a society that functions is if we think of the impact of our actions. The wisdom that this passage describes shows that evolution wouldn’t contain those qualities. If you’re wise you’re plugging into the way God made the world.

Wisdom brings life (v13-18)

The path of wisdom is one of peace. It’s hard to change yourself to fit in with the way God wants you to be. Is true living ease and money? Or is it a full life? The ones who head out on adventures with the God who made them. We know what a good life will have been. Wisdom is better than riches. Life is walking with God’s radical values built into creation. There’s a chance to be a blessing to others if you don’t let money control you.

Wisdom brings safety (v21-26)

If we all know we can trust each other, we can be free. If we suspect each other, we won’t. If you’re willing to fear only God there’s nothing left to fear. A life where you walk hand in hand with God and all you care about is God’s opinion, that is a life that is safe. God’s good opinion is guaranteed if you’re trusting in Jesus. Our security in life is dependent on things that aren’t secure. Fearing only God is safer.

Stop faffing and get on with it (v1-12 & 28-35)

There are practical examples of wisdom. Keep loving people with cost. Steadfast love keeps going and is costly. Submit to God everywhere. Whatever makes up your days it all takes place in God’s world. What does it mean to play the long game in this place? It’s a death, but it’s a life. Don’t think you are clever. You will always need God’s help. Give your money to God first. Does the way you use your wealth honour God? Appreciate God’s discipline. It’s unwise to get angry at being questioned. If you can be generous, do be. Treat those near you well. Don’t plot harm against your neighbour. Don’t pick fights. Don’t envy bad success.

Plug into reality (v19-20)

Jesus didn’t reinvent the rules to win. He saw that this way of living made sense. He saw that wisdom sometimes doesn’t make sense. If he can’t ignore the way the world was made, neither can we.

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