Rescuer – Exodus 2:1-22 – Sermon Notes

The Lord has provided a rescuer for his people (v1-12)

God is telling us about this baby because he is someone significant. This baby is going to be a priest. With him, this is a new beginning for God’s people. Pharaoh uses the Nile to kill all baby boys but God uses the Nile as his rescue of this baby.

The Lord is at work in Pharaoh’s daughter as she has compassion on the baby she finds in the river. We don’t know how many years go by between verses 9 and 10 but Moses was old enough to know about his heritage. Spending years in the palace didn’t blind Moses to who his people are.

The Lord’s rescuer is also ruler and judge (v13-22)

The Lord raised Moses up for this purpose. That’s not what the people want. Pharaoh tried to kill Moses. He probably knew he was a Hebrew boy but also hoped he would stand with the Egyptians instead of the Israelites. This isn’t God’s rescuer being stopped. God takes him to where he needs to be. He rescued seven foreigners and was invited in for food. Moses married one of the daughters and had a family in a new space. This isn’t the end of the story. He named his son “an alien here.”

What the Lord does for his rescuer, he will do for his people

This is a glimpse of what God will do through Moses to rescue his people. Moses was brought up with the Egyptians but as the Israelites are rescued by the Lord, they will plunder them. The Lord is going to bring them all out to safety.

Moses, the Lord’s imperfect rescuer, points us to Jesus, the Lord’s perfect rescuer

When Jesus is born, Herod wants all the Israelite boys killed. He comes down from the glory of heaven to stand with his people in weakness and humility. As he’s rescuing them, he is oppressed and rejected. We can have confidence we can follow Jesus as he’s been there before us. Moses is a glimpse of the better rescuer that Jesus is. Jesus says that he will forgive you but you must live with him as your ruler. His rescue helps us to see the kind of ruler that he is. The more we rejoice in his rescue, the more we can trust that his rule is for our good.

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