Samuel – 1 Samuel 1:1-28 – Bible Study Notes

Context: 1 Samuel 1-3, 7:3-8:22, 12:1-25, 15:1-16:13

Continuing our series on miracle births in the Bible (Jesus wasn’t the only one). Previously, we looked at Isaac.

1. Context. Chronologically the book of 1 Samuel follows the book of Judges. Who were the Judges?

The book describes chaotic days in which the Israelites were often oppressed by the surrounding countries. God would send a judge to deliver them but their freedom lasted only as long as the judge lived. They weren’t exactly perfect either.

2. The last words of Judges are found in 21:25: “In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in their own eyes.” What’s the current situation at the end of this book? What’s the state of Israel?

There is an absence of a king and Israel has been in spiritual decay and is in political chaos.

3. What is Elkanah’s relationship like with Hannah and with God?

He wants to encourage his wife and assures her of his love for her. He’s concerned that his wife does the right thing before God. He is faithful to make the annual trek to Shiloh even though there are good excuses for not going.

4. How is Hannah an example of a godly woman and wife?

She endures years of silent suffering and is teased by Peninnah. She goes with her family to Shiloh knowing how painful it’ll be.

5. What has led to Hannah crying out to God?

She had been suffering and needed to pour her heart out to God.

6. Why does Eli respond in the way that he does?

He doesn’t hear her words and jumps to the wrong conclusion. He assures Hannah that God will grant her desire and bless her.

7. In what way does Hannah change after this?

She eats and is joyful instead of sad.

8. Samuel is born. How does his birth compare with Jesus’?

The mother asks for a son instead of the birth being promised by God/an angel.

9. What do we see of God’s character in this story?

His grace, mercy and love, as with Isaac.

11. How is Jesus greater than Samuel?

He led people well. So well that he died for them. He’s the true rescuer.

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