Secret Believers – 1 Kings 18:1-15 – Sermon Notes

God’s people make risky choices

Obadiah was in a difficult position. On edge all the time, wondering if today will be the last. The temptation to withdraw is huge. It seems Elijah doesn’t have much time for Obadiah. Obadiah is terrified when he sees Elijah in front of him. He’s sure that when he reports back, Elijah will be sent away. Elijah sees Obadiah’s conflict of loyalties. Why does Obadiah take these risks? All we know is that he’s a believer who works for the King. His loyalty belongs to the Lord, whatever the situation. Elijah took a great risk to go to the King. We’re all called to live radical, counter cultural lives wherever we are.

The gospel commands us to make risky choices

Mark 8:34-38 shows how Elijah and Obadiah were living. Giving money, inviting colleagues. We live in a culture where fitting in is hugely important.

Risky choices are secure in the gospel

There are risks to our situations, but we know where we are going. We have complete assurance of eternal life. This is the perspective that enabled Elijah to obey God. You can take risks knowing you have a perfect relationship with God.

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