Shepherd King – Ezekiel 34 – Bible Study Notes

These are notes from the eleventh part of a Bible overview series.

Read Ezekiel 34 (1-16/17-31).

1. Ezekiel talks about the failures of the Kings and spiritual leaders before the exile and about what should and should not be done by good leaders. What are the characteristics of both?

Look after the flock. Feed them, clothe them. Look after the sick and injured.

2. Ezekiel offers a vision of the Good Shepherd. What does God as Shepherd do that his human leaders won’t do?

He’ll rescue the sheep.

3. Ezekiel switches from talking about the shepherd as a leader to the shepherd as a judge. Why are both leaders and members tested more by their care of the weak than of the strong and healthy (v17-22)?

The normal Israelites too look out for their own interests rather than those of their neighbour.

4. Ezekiel moves on to talk about the ultimate hope for the exiles in Babylon. How does he describe it?

Similar to Isaiah 9, God paints a picture that is a complete contrast to the present experience of the Israelites.

5. Should we long for such judgement by our leaders? Why or why not?

Open for discussion.

6. How can we model the justice that’s desired for the weak by the Good Shepherd?

Look to Jesus’ example.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd we should listen to and follow.

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