Speaking – Acts 5:12-33 – Sermon Notes

There are situations when we bottle speaking up about Jesus. We might think we don’t know enough, or someone else would be better. We might think Jesus isn’t what they need, or we’ll be rejected, or there’s too much pressure. There are times when we don’t speak, even though we know we should.

The gospel can be summed up in a verse such as John 3:16 or Romans 10:13, but the whole Bible speaks of it. The Bible tells us that we’re stuck and can’t bridge the gap between God and people ourselves, but Jesus can. That’s why he came. We can’t save ourselves but Jesus offers to save us.

We can give the reason for the hope that we have and we need to know that God has put us in our places for a reason. We need to remember that Jesus is the answer and that true love casts out fear. It’s not all down to us. Sometimes people will hate us for sharing the gospel, but that’s very rare. They might not accept it but at least recognise that we care.

In Acts 5, as people are meeting at the temple, others are watching them. They hear the gospel, become Christians and join them. Some people don’t like that (v17) as the gospel is ultimately offensive. Peter and the apostles obey God instead of man. Whatever a human being might do, God is for them and is giving them eternal life.

Speak because you are secure in God’s love and because you are secure in God’s people. We don’t know how people will respond, but we are called to speak. Jesus calls us to share the gospel and to invite people to follow him. It might lead to hatred or rejection but it might lead to people following Jesus for themselves.

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