Still Small Voice – 1 Kings 19:1-18 – Sermon Notes

Most of us have experienced some resistance, whether internally or externally, to the gospel. Wicked men resist God’s word. It undermines their agenda. They’ll do so even with miraculous signs. What the world needs is the Holy Spirit to soften people’s hearts. Elijah runs all the way through Judah and ditches his servant and walks into the wilderness. How is Elijah not dead yet? The only person that doesn’t want Elijah dead at this point is God. God refreshes him with food, water and rest. He’s still got a long way to go.

God’s people are worshipping idols. If Elijah can’t deal with the problem then what’s the point? God hears Elijah’s prayer. He cowers in the back of a cave. The mountain shakes. Consumed fire. Earthquake. They’re not just to scare Elijah. God is more powerful than any opposition we face because we follow him. God laughs at them and terrifies them. He has a plan to defeat Elijah’s enemies. God has a plan to preserve his people. No matter how secular the world becomes, God will preserve his people because he is gracious.

When your faith is troubled, run to God. If you trust in Jesus, justice has already been served. The world will oppose God’s message but it desperately needs to hear it.

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