The Background to Prayer – 2 Thessalonians 1:1-12 – Sermon Notes

The things we pray for show what we value. How do we know what we should pray? The more we see what God values, we should be convicted and our prayers should change.

Jesus is coming back

The Thessalonians were being persecuted but this is what they’re told. Jesus isn’t just an example. There will be relief for all Christians when Jesus returns. There will be no way that anyone can deny that he truly is the son of God. He will judge the world. The reality is that he will punish those who have rejected him. Hell is a place of everlasting destruction. There will be nothing good at all. He will welcome into his kingdom those who believe in him. All we have to do is believe the gospel. There’s nothing in us that makes us worthy.

We need to remind ourselves that Jesus is coming back. We should also thank God. Paul is boasting in what God has done for them. The Thessalonians were showing faith and love despite persecution. All of this is evidence that God’s judgment is right. He is right to welcome them into his kingdom.

We should keep praying because of all these things. It’s great news that we can be welcomed into God’s kingdom but it’s all for the glory of Jesus. When God counts us worthy, it is all because of Jesus so all of the glory goes to him. We should pray that God would count people worthy of his calling and that we would keep going as Christians.

The background to our prayers should be that Jesus is coming back. It should also be the background to our whole lives.