Don’t Forget – Hosea 9:1-17 – Sermon Notes

What would Joshua say if he was told that in four centuries, Gilgal would be the centre of idol worship. What happened? The Israelites forgot the rescue and the love of God.

What happens when we forget the Lord?

You will lose your prize

The Israelites had turned to the god of the Cananite in an attempt to bring in a bigger harvest. They want a harvest that will bring them social and political success. They lost confidence that God could provide it. Where does your church look to find its security? The warning is clear. If you build your church on anything other than Christ, The Lord will not tolerate it and he will bring it to an end.

You will gag the preacher

God brings comfort and rebuke. We need our preachers to tell us the truth and what God really says to us. The danger is that we can twist the Bible to make it mean what we want it to. We’re all in danger of saying that God’s message isn’t welcome.

You will destroy your future

The description of God in verses 11-16 shows the worst of what people think about him. The judgment is that the children that they have will be taken from them. What we count in our hearts as extreme is a sign post to say that God has something very serious to say. Baal was the god of fruitfulness. If you think you can place your confidence in God and another object of worship, you’ll set yourself on a terrible path of destruction. If you turn Christ into a rule book, you’ll strip the gospel of its vitality.

“We must set the gospel in its true and proper colours.” – Jonathan Edwards

Remember Gilgal. We aren’t the same as the doomed Israelites. When we look at Gilgal, we who live in the last days know that the judgment described is a shadow of the last judgment that is to come. It’s Christ’s obedience that we’re dependant on. The crowning of Saul was an echo of the true king Jesus. We must be persistent in reminding each other of who Christ is. The next ten years of the church depend upon it.