Jude – Sermon Notes

God’s holy people are called to contend, so we must act (v1-4a)

He’s making an appeal. This command is for all of us, the whole church. Jude calls for action. He’s urging us to stand up for the faith. He’s talking about the gospel. Stand up for the unchanging message of Jesus’ death and resurrection. The gospel has been entrusted to us.

The false teachers’ end is certain judgement, so we must not panic (v4b-19)

They hide. It’s hard to spot them. They have the potential to shipwreck you and others. The blackest darkness has been reserved for them. We must be wary but we must not panic. Jesus is coming to judge them. These people are part of the church so it’s not immediately obvious. They cause division. Jude describes what these people are like so we should be able to spot them.

God’s holy people contend for the faith by keeping themselves in God’s love and showing mercy to others (v20-23)

Three things to do to keep in God’s love: build, pray and wait. This is a corporate thing we do together as a church family. Study the scriptures, meditate on them. We need to wait for the mercy of Jesus to bring eternal life. We wait not for condemnation but for mercy. The reason is obvious. If we fail, we quickly become disheartened. Those false teachings become more attractive.

God’s holy people’s end is certain salvation, so we can have confidence (v24-25).