Obadiah Overview – Sermon Notes

Pride sidelines God. It’s on display here in the shortest of the minor prophets. Edom is dribbling with pride.

Jacob knows he has to deceive Isaac to get the blessing intended for Esau. The people of Esau are the people of Edom. God says he will bring them down. If God hates pride when it’s not in his people, how much more does he hate it when it’s in his own people.

Not only does it drive self deceit, it drives hardened, cruel inhumanity. Pride causes us to do the most inhumane things to one another. It breeds deceit. It destroys itself as it destroys others.

Pride goes into cruise mode. It makes God our enemy. It sets him against us. God is going to blot this nation out because of its pride. He hates the proud look. God hates it in a foreign nation and hates it even more in his own people. We need to constantly battle against pride.

Is there an answer to pride? There is no easy one. God doesn’t deliver us from pride in an impressive way, in a way we could feel proud about. Are you deceived by pride? If you’re alive, you’re deceived by pride. The answer is that we should go to where we were most humbled. The cross continually is the antidote to human pride. Look to Christ and have faith in him.