Kiss Me – Song of Songs 5:2-16 – Sermon Notes

Seven ways in which the song shows love isn’t all you need:

1. Romantic love isn’t for everyone (2:7, 3:5, 8:4). The passion of that desire is so strong that only a fool would set the fire ablaze before the right moment. The song comes as a warning against anything that arouses the passion when it won’t be consummated. You’ll be no less complete as a person if you don’t get married. In a sense, Jesus is the most ordinary person to have walked the earth.

2. Perfect love in a garden only gets 67% (7:11-13). The writer knew there had only ever been one perfect couple and one perfect garden. No couple’s experience today could match that. In the song, God is absent from the garden.

3. The city turns our dreams to nightmares (5:7). The dream turns into a nightmare. The watchmen find the woman when she goes to find her man. It’s an all too real experience for many.

4. Your lover will be a pain in the feet (5:3). Living with other people and the demands of romance are challenging because you’re sinners. We all need to be realistic about our expectations. The problem can only be solved in another life.

5. Your lover will be just the same as all the rest (5:9). We choose to make our spouse special. Our lovers aren’t heroes. They’re flawed.

6. Your lover may well betray you. (6:8-9, 8:12). In some ways, Solomon represents the perfect lover. The woman feels like a queen. It’s wrong to state your joy on them being faithful as they may fall. As may you.

7. Love isn’t stronger than death (8:6-7). Romantic love doesn’t survive the grave. Every couple is torn apart, one way or another.

Song of Songs is a great celebration of romantic love. It says that it’s not all you need and warns against idolising it. Hints towards a better rescuer. All the hopes, dreams and longings can only be fulfilled through Jesus.

Kiss Me – Song of Songs 1:1-2:7 – Sermon Notes

Are they married? We don’t know.

Poem 1: Why I want you in the bedroom. The woman takes a romantic lead. Both parties speak frankly about what they want. We expect people to read our minds. The man had a good reputation. She invites him to lead her into the bedroom. Song of Songs is intimate but also discrete.

Poem 2: Beauty is in the eye of the lover. She is an ordinary girl. This woman isn’t beautiful by the standards of her day. She wouldn’t be on the cover of Vogue. Your standard of beauty should be your spouse. That’ll change over time.

Poem 3: How to arrange a date. Application? Don’t know!

Poem 4: Pink to make the boys wink. ‘When you go out there, the guys go nuts’. Implication for ladies – dress up for your man. Men – buy her jewellery instead of buying an iPad!

Poem 5: Breasts are an oasis. Nothing lives around the Dead Sea apart from bacteria. She’s saying her lover is like an oasis.

Poem 6: Sex al fresco. Creating oasis spaces requires time and effort that so many can’t be bothered to put in.

Poem 7: “You’re great.” “No, you’re great.” She gets the answer she’s looking for. She says he’s useful. He is protective of her and she feels sheltered. Something intimate. This is a song about respect and mutual delight. A discovery of one another.

Implication – get married quickly! Why would you want to wait?