Rescued for Redemption – Titus 2:11-14 – Sermon Notes

We all know what it’s like to be in the control of a destructive master. Sin is a power over us that destroys us. We go alone. We are created for worship and if we don’t worship God, we’ll worship something else. Addicts need more of the substance to get a less effective hit.

‘Sin turns the heart into a fire.’ – Jonathan Edwards.

The only thing that a slave can do is hope that someone will come and set you free. In the death of Jesus, we are free from the slavery we endure and engage in – redemption.

Culture is against you and inside the struggle is so strong. Having a redeemer changes everything. Jesus is our redeemer.


Our sin has left us with a debt that we can’t pay ourselves. Jesus did. He gave his life as a random for many.


From slavery to freedom. We can have the relationship that we were meant to enjoy. Through the cross, Jesus crushes our enemies and delivers us from slavery and sin. We forget who we are and we forget where we are. We live in the light of the son of God. Redemption means we are free to serve others and obey Christ.


Redemption is a process of restoration of God working in us to restore all that was lost because of our sin. We’ve been freed to worship God but it doesn’t mean that we do. Satan’s power over us is the power of a defeated enemy. There is a day coming when sin will be gone but we’re no longer helpless. The Spirit enables us to do things that honour God. We can turn our eyes to Jesus our redeemer and he will meet us with sufficient grace every time.

Our world is longing for a redeemer. It’s looking in all the wrong places.