The Cross – Isaiah 53 & Matthew 27:45-66 – Bible Study Notes

These are notes from the fourteenth part of a Bible overview series.

Read Isaiah 53. Amazing prophecy about Jesus’ death made 700 years in advance.

1. In pairs/threes, how does this passage describe Jesus? How does the passage describe us?

We are all guilty of turning away from God.

Read Matthew 27:45-66.

2. Why is the detail about darkness included?

It should’ve caused the enemies to understand that he was the light of the world and that because they didn’t walk in it, it was now taken away from them.

3. What did Jesus mean when he quoted from Psalm 22?

The trinity is as broken as it ever could be. Different ways of translating the phrase. Necessary to make sufferings worthy of praise.

4. What does the curtain represent?

It tears at the point Jesus dies because his death deals with our sin that meant we couldn’t enter the temple. It’s no longer necessary.

5. What evidence is there to suggest that Jesus was really dead?

Joseph prepared the corpse, which would’ve shown the normal evidences for death.

6. Matthew includes some interesting detail about the request made of Pilate by the chief priests and Pharisees that isn’t in the other gospels. What does this show about the Jewish leaders’ perception of Jesus?

They knew that he had staked his whole ministry on his ability to rise from the dead.

7. How do the religious leaders unwittingly help fulfil the purpose of God?

In their efforts to protect Jesus’ body from theft, the enemies provide irrefutable evidence for the resurrection.

8. What difference should Jesus’ death make to our lives?

It deals with our separation from God and we can approach him with confidence.

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