The Gospel From Below – Matthew 1:18-25 – Sermon Notes

Matthew shows us how Jesus is fully human and over the course of their story, how Jesus is fully God. Christ is God’s chosen king. He’s a direct descendant of David and Abraham (see 1:1-17). God’s promises are being fulfilled in Jesus. Mary and Joseph were legally committed but not yet married. Joseph didn’t need to be quiet. He could’ve had Mary stoned to death. As far as he knows she has cheated on him with another man, yet he has compassion. Mary has probably told him but why would he believe her?

An angel visits Joseph. It’s not normal. This is an unusual thing because this is God’s plan of salvation for the world. From the beginning of the Bible, sin has always been a problem. This is a long-promised saviour. Joseph responds with amazing obedience. He responds in true faith just as Mary had done.

God is good and people are rubbish

This is a shocking story. This baby comes and God chooses him to be dependent on people. Humans can’t be trusted yet God entrusts Jesus to them. God has chosen to humble himself in human form, utterly dependent on Mary and Joseph to look after him. That is shocking. God chose this way.

The sovereign Lord trusts normal people to bring about his salvation plan for the world

God risks everything by trusting his message of salvation to normal people like us. There is not one person who can save themselves and there’s not one person who Jesus can’t save. We can all be willing to do what he asks. We can do it together as a church family. There is real joy seeing God work despite our failures. God continues to use and trust rubbish people to bring about his good and perfect plans.

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