The Path to Wisdom – Proverbs 9:1-18 – Sermon Notes

There are two women, wisdom and folly. Wisdom is someone who works hard and wants to do the right thing. At first glance they seem the same. ‘Simple’ means normal people. As far as God is concerned, wisdom leads to life and foolishness leads to death. It can be hard to tell the difference. Foolishness can be really attractive. It seems a good idea at the time. Other people do it. Adam and Eve knew they shouldn’t eat the fruit but it looked attractive.

The true path to wisdom begins with following Jesus

The only true path is fear of the Lord. It’s a respect, an awe, a recognition that God knows best. He made us and cares for us but we’ve made choices to reject him. We do what we think is right instead of listening to God. One death can be enough to pay for all of our debts. God gives us a choice. He invites us to follow Jesus. It’s only by following Jesus that shows we fear the Lord.

The path to wisdom means listening to teaching

How do you respond to teaching? Even good teaching isn’t always easy to listen to. We are to listen to correction. If you refuse you’re a wicked man. How we respond is a sign of whether we are living a wise life or a foolish life. Sometimes someone tries to correct you when you know you’re right. Listen graciously.

The path to wisdom ends with life

It’s generally true that if someone lives a wise life, they will live a longer life. The opposite is also true. One day Jesus is going to come back. Biblical wisdom ultimately leads to life. Christians think the most important thing to do is to follow Jesus. We all try to live a wise life but if the foundation isn’t Jesus, ultimately it’s a foolish life. Whatever wise choices we try to make, we make wrong decisions all the time. There is grace and forgiveness.

How are you going to respond to God’s teaching? Will you live a life of wisdom with the foundation of Jesus?

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