Touching Miracles – Luke 8:40-56 – Sermon Notes

Patience is a virtue. Most of us know what it’s like to be impatient. We can sympathize with Jairus. He was a respectable man, a synagogue ruler. We discover that he’s desperate (v41). He was a man with authority whereas Jesus was a carpenter. However he fell at Jesus’ feet as he needed him to do something viral for him. Why was Jairus so desperate? His only daughter was dying (v42). Jesus is the only hope he has for her. He has to come quickly, or it’ll be too late. Jesus is delayed by a sick woman in the crowd.

The miracle of the woman (v43-48)

This woman has been ill for 12 years. She’s squandered her money on doctors and is also desperate. She is miraculously healed. Jesus is aware of what’s happened. He turns round and searches the crowd for who has touched him. Jesus wanted to explain to her that her healing was a result of her faith in him. Identifying herself to Jesus wasn’t an easy thing to do. This woman gets more than she bargained for. She now knows what’s really important. It’s a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

The miracle of the young girl (v49-56)

Imagine the reaction of Jairus to the delay. He’d be frantic. Any doctor would in this situation go straight to the little girl who’s dying. Jesus takes time out in order to speak with this woman. He won’t be hurried and is in control of this situation. Jesus’ comments to Jairus are astonishing (v50). He’s telling Jairus to give more, to take his faith to a deeper level. Even though his daughter is dead, he’s telling him to trust him even more. Jairus had hoped his little girl would be healed, but she was raised from the dead. Jesus said the girl wasn’t dead, but asleep. What he says in verse 54 is a comforting statement. It’s a term of endearment. Death is no more than sleep. For who has the final word? Jesus. Death has no mastery over her. No wonder those around her are astonished.

The miracle for you

What impact should these two miracles have on your life today? What’s true for this sick woman and for Jairus’ daughter can be true for you as well. The sick woman learnt that Jesus is someone she must know. That can be true for us, too. Jairus learnt that Jesus’ way of looking at things is different from ours. Look to Jesus, not to yourself. Jairus’ daughter learnt that death is not the end. Jesus can and does conquer death. If you trust in Jesus, death itself will be just like falling asleep. It’ll bring you into the very presence of Jesus him.

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