Trusting God – Genesis 39-41 – Sermon Notes

This is a story of real hardship and pain. Even if we’re Christians we can question if we can trust God with this going on. When we say that we’re Christians that means we follow Jesus. We’re told he sustains all things (Hebrews 1:3). Jesus allows all things to happen. That means believing that somehow, for some reason, Jesus allows the hurt and pain and brokenness of this world to continue. Even as we face that, God is good. He is with us and for us.

Even while Joseph was a slave in a foreign land, God was with him. He doesn’t know why this has happened to him. It doesn’t stop him from making the most of the situation he is in. Whatever situation you find yourself in, God has put you there for a reason. By remaining faithful to God things actually go from bad to worse. His master’s wife twisted the story.

Joseph is clinging to God but is longing to be out of his situation. We don’t know why these things happen but God proves himself trustworthy again and again. In chapter 41, Pharaoh had dreams. Joseph is able to interpret. We are to cling to God’s promises. Jesus doesn’t promise a life free of suffering. Joseph received a blessing from God. In Jesus we have certain promises. Eternal life that is free from suffering and pain. Jesus gave himself up and faced the full anger of God the Father.

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