Unstuck – Psalm 62 – Sermon Notes

Jesus will take you through things in your life that will make you realise that without him, you have nothing. No one has a perfect life. Life is full of disappointments. Nothing that touches our life delivers what we hope it will, except for one person. In these moments, where do you turn to for hope?


In v1-2, the focus is on “alone.” We can give full mental assent to something and live as if it doesn’t matter. Our problem is as though a cloud covers the truth. We can recognise that we shouldn’t desire certain objects but continue to want them anyway. The things that we think and do obscure the reality. Jesus hasn’t moved. It’s us that have moved.

What is David facing (v3-4)?

He’s under attack by his supposed friends. They’re trying to topple him. David is stuck. He’s on the verge of collapse. The things that he’s facing become big and dominating. In verses 1 and 2 he’s saying what it’s like to be disconnected from something.
How do we get unstuck? Do we go through the old cycle of what we used to do? It sounds like David does this in v5-6. One thing changes from v1-2. What’s in his head needs to go into his soul. It’s as though he’s daring himself. He knows which horizon he wants to live under.

What do you do with a refuge (v7-8)?

You move in a direction and hide in it. Run into the one who is being spoken of. Being a Christian is about knowing the living God of the Bible. There is a personal invitation.

What does it mean to be a growing Christian (v9-10)?

What is it that David knows about himself? He talks about stuff and status. Don’t set your hope in your stuff as it can’t deliver your soul. If you’ve got enemies your status can keep you secure. Put your confidence in Jesus.

The Lord is our salvation, our rock, and our fortress.

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