Wise and Foolish Paths – Proverbs 5:1-23 – Sermon Notes

We all want this good life but can be tempted to think we can get it without its creator. The good life apart from God looks deceptively exciting but it leads to death. The world is full of temptations to find the good life on our own. Don’t even start along the path towards the temptation.

We can be conned. The father urges us to run away. Every small decision that we make does change us. There is a moment where we decide that the wise thing to do for ourselves is to step outside of God’s wisdom. It puts us on the path towards death. It’s complete foolishness. You’ll realise that you’ve lost everything that matters when it’s too late. People fall for the call to adultery. We don’t realise that every decision in our life pushes us towards wisdom or foolishness. Being willing to be turned from the path is almost impossible.

If this true satisfaction can only be found in the way God intends, how can we avoid this path? Love the one you’re with. We go from destructive power to thirst quenching joy and wisdom. You already have everything you need to be truly satisfied right where you are. Ultimate satisfaction is found in Jesus. He offers this eternal satisfaction. He offers to quench our thirst in a way that’s only available through him (John 4:14). Knowing Jesus means knowing that you already have what satisfies you in your life.

The writer gives a final warning. Your decisions are made in full sight of God. Whichever path you are on, God sees it. It leaves us with one question. Am I becoming foolish or am I becoming wise?

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