Best Love – John 15:9-15 – Sermon Notes

We should love people in the way Jesus did. He’s showing the disciples a bit of the relationship between the trinity. Creation is an overflow of God’s love. Jesus dies as a perfect example of what it is to be a friend. At the cross broken relationships are fixed. Jesus loves us by being a perfect sacrifice. We try and sell ourselves to earn friendships. There is safety in Jesus’ friendship. He doesn’t abandon us. His friendship is important. The truth of Jesus’ love for us will never fail.

Friendship with Jesus is the basis for our friendships. We need Christian friends. It’s more than just people you go to church with. We need friendships that encourage and remind us of the gospel. Friendship requires effort. Take the initiative. Be discerning but inclusive. Don’t be nostalgic. Be honest. Share the things you struggle with. Share the joys so that people can rejoice with you. Be willing to accept criticism. Don’t try and justify yourself. Forgive others. None of us are perfect. Every friendship will let you down in some way. Think about how much Jesus has forgiven us. Pray that God will enable us to be friends like this. Keep going back to Jesus.

Being a good friend is more than just seeing someone on Sunday. It’s spending time together, it’s praying together. We have security in Jesus. He commands us to love each other.

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