Father – John 5:19-40 – Sermon Notes

Jesus uses this situation to talk about himself and his relationship with his father. God does break the sabbath, Jesus says. He was making himself equal with God.

Two important truths:


Jesus says that giving life to the dead is amongst the powers he has. Who is it that God wants to give this life to? Eternal life must begin with God and not with us. Life comes as a response to the message that God brings. Living in a self centred way proves that you don’t know Jesus at all. The life the Father offers is for one group of people that fall into all three categories. People who do good are those who believe Jesus’ words. Jesus comes to reveal to us that God is transforming those people.


Jesus says that by himself he can do nothing. He seeks to please God who sent him. The judgment that will pass on the last day is that of God the Father. The desires of the Father, Son and Spirit are aligned. Judgment on evil is the plan of God the Father and all of it will be executed on his behalf by Jesus. What Jesus does tells us what God the Father is doing. Jesus is clear that if you do not honour him then you do not honour the Father. We cannot disobey Jesus and please the Father at the same time. We mustn’t fool ourselves that there is another way to honour God.

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