Forgiveness – Matthew 18:21-35 – Sermon Notes

It’s good to want justice. Christians are to be forgiving because we have been forgiven much, much more. If we don’t know how much we have been forgiven, we won’t think we need to forgive others very much. Forgiveness sees that other people are the same. The specifics may be different but we all hurt each other. Being unforgiving to someone is saying they are less than you.

The Bible says that all of our relationships give us a glimpse of how we relate to the God who made us. Forgiveness of anything significant is never easy.

Forgiveness is a choice, so choose to forgive

The servant had a choice. They chose to forgive. When it’s something small, it’s easy. When it’s something bigger it can be harder to choose to forgive. The Bible gives us the perfect example to follow in Jesus. Every human being is rebellious. We live in God’s world and live as though he’s not there. God, through Jesus, chooses to offer forgiveness. If you don’t forgive others, you haven’t grasped the forgiveness Jesus has offered you. As Christians we should ask for forgiveness when we do wrong. We should take responsibility.

Forgiveness costs, but it is a price worth paying

When we are sinned against, there is a cost. When we forgive, we are taking upon ourselves the cost of that betrayal. That’s what the servant does. He has a choice. When Jesus went to the cross, it was his choice. If we won’t forgive, Jesus won’t forgive us. There is a warning.

Forgiving is ongoing, so keep working at it

When God tells his people he will remember their sins no more, he’s saying he doesn’t hold our sin against us. Jesus’ forgiveness means that he walks with us as we deal with the consequences of our sin. Both parties have to work at it.

Forgiveness comes from God, so keep your eyes fixed on Jesus

We all sin in our own ways. God tells us we are fearfully and wonderfully made. We are all offered unconditional forgiveness through Jesus on the cross. At the cross, Jesus offers forgiveness to all people.

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