God – John 1:1-18 – Sermon Notes

God is

Everything around us isn’t here by accident. Genesis is referenced – ‘in the beginning’. Before there was anything else, there was God. He is. People can have morals but they’re just what humans have made. Believing the truth would make a huge difference. We’re under the illusion that God is a conscience, not as if he really is. The truth, John insists, is that God is. His impact on our lives doesn’t happen because we let it. He made everything. The universe belongs to him. We belong to him. God has the right to tell us how to live because he is. No one has ever seen God. John seems to be saying that he’s invisible.

God does

John says that God’s light shines in the darkness. His light is the existence of creation. The problem isn’t that God doesn’t speak. The problem is that we don’t listen. There was one specific messenger. John the Baptist came to announce God’s light. John says that God has come into the world that he has made. The word became flesh. He’s come as a person. The law came through Moses. Grace and truth came through Jesus. It isn’t true that we can dismiss God because God the one and only, Jesus Christ has made him known.

If we want to know what God is like, we just have to know about Jesus. We don’t have to make it up or do research as everything is written down in the Bible. All we need to do to know God is to read, believe and respond to Jesus. If we say ‘I am a child of God’ it defines a relationship and makes it more about God than ourselves. No one can take it away. The identity defines you. God wants people to be his children. We mustn’t miss out on knowing God personally.

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