Incarnation – John 1:1-4 & 13:1-16 – Sermon Notes

There is something that connects everything that’s ever existed. That meaning is totally accessible to us. The truth is very near but it’s disturbing. It’ll change everything if you find it.

Matter matters

For some reason Jesus has become the most significant figure in human history. Our calendar is arranged around Jesus. John has an explanation. He describes Jesus as the Word. He says Jesus was there in the beginning. Jesus connects everything that has ever been made together. God is also plural. Jesus was God and was with God. The one who made everything brings a relationship to this world. When we feel that things matter we’re close to the truth.

We matter

There is only one God and he’s not the self loving, rule obsessed God of our imagination. He’s in himself one who gives himself away to serve. When Jesus washes the disciples’ feet he’s showing us what God is really like. God has always had this relationship of giving himself away. There is one word connecting everything and he is a person. It’s an acted out picture of something much bigger. Jesus taught us we need him to come and give himself for us.

There’s a darkness in all of us that’s real. There’s a God behind everything who has eternally been a servant and knows that our problem is that we do these things wrong. If you own it, he’ll pay for it. When he died he took all the darkness on himself. The one who was with God has always been the one to give himself away for others. God chooses to serve us.

People matter

Foot washing is a picture of radical service. We are very slow to serve and to love people. We’d rather make people bear their own dirt. In life we fall back into thinking our choices should be all about making our lives great. We want to point people to Jesus so that they put their trust in him. We don’t do him justice when we don’t put others first. Once you trust him, it is finished. You’re not greater than him. He served everybody at his own great cost.

If everything is all about Jesus, this moment matters. If we are made clean, we can do nothing except serve others. What you do in this moment matters.

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