Pilate in a Chair with a Judgment – John 18:38-19:16 – Sermon Notes

We hate Jesus

The Jewish leaders hate Jesus. They’d rather have a known criminal released. They kept shouting. We hate Jesus too. Laws show that people hate Jesus. We see it around the world. Jesus makes demands of us. He says lots of things we stand for are worthless. He says he will forgive anyone regardless of what they’ve done.

We condemn Jesus

Pilate is more surprising. He goes outside to the gathered Jews and says he finds no basis for a charge against Jesus. He’s insistent he has no reason to kill Jesus. He seems to be on Jesus’ side. Yet he doesn’t set him free. He’s the Roman governor. It seems his good intentions are enslaved to his greed. His actions show the truth of his words. The priests are so wound up there is no telling what they’d do. Are we any different?

We don’t want Jesus to be our king

The idea of Jesus being a king is all the way through this passage. Jesus claims to be everybody’s king. He wants all of us to submit to him. We would rather keep our own priorities. Having Jesus as our king means we can’t do that. We must submit to what he tells us but we hate that. He doesn’t arbitrarily make those demands. Jesus loves us and is condemned for us because he is the king that we really need.

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