Priests of the Palace with a Criminal – John 18:28-40 – Sermon Notes

Jesus knows he is going to die even though he is innocent.

Religion can’t make you right with God (v28-33)

The Jewish leaders might have looked like good citizens but the way they treat Jesus says otherwise. They know that Jesus has done nothing that deserves death by Roman law. The Jews don’t love Pilate. Pilate doesn’t love the Jewish leaders. He knows what they’re doing and wants them to admit they need him. We all have our own checklists of what makes us a good person. We end up being like the religious leaders – plotting to kill Jesus while thinking we can remain clean.

Everyone needs to be right with God (v33-38a)

Jesus puts Pilate on trial. He recognises Jesus is king. His response is ‘what is truth?’ He thinks it’s irrelevant. He doesn’t care that he’s the king of another place. This boils down to what you think of Jesus. Pilate is rejecting Jesus just as much as the Jewish leaders were. Jesus says to tell others about him. We don’t want to be told that our good works won’t make us right with God. We all reject Jesus. He knew that would be the case.

Jesus came to make us right with God (v32)

God is able to use even our evil actions within his great plan to save us. Jesus came to make us right with God because we can’t do it ourselves. He came and lived. He died and he rose again so we can be right with God. We only need to listen to him.

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