Sent by the Risen Jesus – John 20:19-23 – Sermon Notes

For Christians there’s a sense that everything starts on a Sunday. The early church couldn’t stop talking about the resurrection. In some way, all believers are sent once. Mission involves us all.

The continuation of God’s mission through Jesus

The goal of mission is the gladness of people in the gladness of God. God wants his love to overflow to others. He sent Jesus so that we can know the Father as he knows the Father. God had an only son and he made him a missionary. We have to continue what the apostles began.

We have a mandate for our mission

We have a command from God to go. The great commission isn’t a suggestion. God wants to send you somewhere to somehow be witnesses. We can know peace because we have peace with God through the cross.

The same mighty power of the Holy Spirit

People have hard hearts and are deaf to the word of God. The apostles weren’t just filled with the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost but they prayed they would be whenever they were preaching the gospel.

The same message of the gospel

As the apostles were sent out, they weren’t to die for the sins of others. They were to proclaim the message of forgiveness and reconciliation. It’s still the same message.

Jesus sends us to be his witnesses

God wants to send us into the world to tell the world that it’s true. Not everybody will believe us. The early church had to speak because it is true. They couldn’t deny the truth. Are you willing for God to send you anywhere?

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