Rahab – Joshua 2:1-21 – Sermon Notes

Rahab is the last person of faith to get their story in Hebrews. The faith of Rahab tells us if you join God’s side he’ll stay with you forever.

God has a message, whatever you’ve done, whoever you are. Look at Rahab’s spiritual credentials – she was a woman; they couldn’t give testimonies, she was a Cananite and she was a prostitute.

You can join God’s side

Joshua sends two spies to Jericho. Word gets to the king and sends a message to Rahab. She had hidden them. What are we to do with her lie? Some people argue it’s a case of the lesser of two evils. God had cornered her to sin. Others say that faith saved her. The act was her salvation. In the context of warfare, not all deception is wrong. The act of sending the spies the wrong way is her deciding her allegiance. She had a worshipful fear of God and joins his side. She hurls herself on God’s mercy.

God will save you forever

The spies strike a deal with Rahab. Some suggest the red cord stands for the blood of Christ, or it could be referencing the passover. It stood out and couldn’t be missed. See Hebrews 11:31. Rahab wasn’t killed; they kept their word. She was saved forever. Her past was wiped clean and he slate of sin removed. She’s also greatly used and was a future ancestor of Jesus himself. Jesus came for people such as these.

Jesus is heir to the throne of all creation. He makes us his bride. He will love us forever.